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A Mohave IT Technician will remote into your computer and assist troubleshooting, isolating and resolving your issue.

On site

We come to you! Weather it be to clean out and tune-up your PC, Install new equipment, or troubleshoot your issue, we’ll be there ASAP to help in any way.

Drop off

Simple, you drop off your device whenever it’s convenient for you. We’ll provide you updates on all progress made and reach out when its ready.

Call us: (928) 224-5880 hours: 8am-5pM


Bundle and save Money!

Ask us how we can save you more money.




1 PC Support

PC Tune-Up's

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Spyware Software

3 Free Hours Remote Support /mo

20% Discount On-Site Hourly Rate

+ Setup Fee $50




1 PC Support

Monthly PC Tune-Up

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Phone/Chat Support

On-Site PC Support

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Malware Software

Cloud Backup

Windows Updates Management

3rd Party Patch Management

24/7 Business Network Monitoring

40% Discount Out-Of-Scope Hourly Rate

+ Setup Fee $100




1 Server Support

Unlimited Remote Support

Cloud Backup

Server Anti-Virus Software

Server Anti-Hacker Software

New User Configuration

WSUS Management

Setup Fee $200

Individual Services (À la carte)

Remote Monthly Maintenance

$20 /mo
-Remove Temp files
-Defrag Hard Drive
-Root Kit & Malware Scan / Removal
-Clear Cache
-3rd party Software Patch Management
-Windows Updates

Anti-Virus Software

$6 /mo
Fortify your endpoint security with over 30 security modules, including low overhead Endpoint Detection and Response, risk analytics and endpoint hardening. Get full protection with speed, accuracy

Cloud Backup

$8 /mo
• Disk Image/Baremetal, Files and Folder, SQL, Hyper-V backup and more! • Free support and replication. • Backup to your own storage or cloud. • Simple, per-device pricing. No surprises.

Virus Removal

Depending on the severity of the infection, prices may very. Please contact us with further detail for proper isolation and troubleshooting.

Patch Management

$10 /mo
Common areas that will need patches include operating systems, applications, and embedded systems (like network equipment). When a vulnerability is found after the release of a piece of software, a patch can be used to fix it. Doing so helps ensure that assets in your environment are not susceptible to exploitation.

Data Recovery*​

$2 /GB
*Data Recovery is contingent on the health and status of the failed disk drive. (No SSD)